Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Here's My Card

So I've been thinking about getting myself some business cards so I can try and get a photography business thing started for myself, but I'm feeling a little apprehensive about actually doing it.

I discovered a website called moo.com this afternoon (thank you Instagram) that has some really awesome, artistic business cards, like these Polaroid style ones above. They use 5 of your own images and have all your contact information on the back in a really cool looking font.

I picked 5 shots from the various senior portrait sessions I did with my daughter last summer and fall, then typed in some random info on the back, just to see how it would look.

The answer? Like I know what I'm doing.

But as I looked them over a few things started to nag at me…
  • I don't have specific information where people can reach me (just my regular numbers and email address but that is easily remedied).
  • I don't really have any set price lists in case someone wanted me to do a session.
  • I would actually have to hand these out to people, which means talking to them and that always strikes fear in my heart.
I will freely admit that starting a photography business of my own is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but the fact that I don't really know where to start or how has always been a huge obstacle for me, so I tend to let it go and say to myself "Well, maybe someday".

But in my year of being open (and really trying to live up to that word), I've begun to think that maybe now is the time to do it. And maybe if I buy myself some business cards and actually hand them out to people, I will find someone who says "Hey, I'd like you to take pictures of me, my kids or my cat!" Because I would seriously do that. I really would.

But I've got this little nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me there are a million billion photographers out there already, who have way more experience than I do and why would anyone ask me to photograph anything for them?

Yes, there are a million billion photographers out there (some with more or less experience than I've got), but they've managed to carve a little niche out for themselves. Why should I be any different? It's not like I want to do this everyday for the rest of ever, I'd just like to offer my services to people out there who'd like a nice portrait of themselves, their children or their families at an affordable price. 

And what's the worst that could happen? I get these cards, hand a few out, no one calls and I'm stuck with the rest of them? They're really cool looking so it's not a total loss… 


  1. Jen. Here is the thing... you've got a great eye. You are very good. I have two good friends that I think are not as talented as you and they are both are successful photographers (one of them supports her family).

    I think you will find success.

  2. Hey, I just stumbled across your blog via a link on Tara Whitney's blog and read this post . . . I've been in the same place as you, kinda wanting to get into photography but wondering how exactly . . . this was one website I found super helpful at the time - http://www.themoderntog.com/
    Cheers. :)