Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amazingly They Don't Bounce

A few weeks ago (probably more like a few months ago since I have no linear concept of time...maybe I'm a Time Lord! How cool would that be?) I had my camera and my favorite lens in the universe (my 50mm) in hand, ready to take a few shots (of what I don't recall and you'll see why). I needed to put said lens on my camera so I sat the camera down on the back of our arm chair (bad idea) as well as the lens (even badder idea).

The lens, being round and having the ability to roll, rolled right off the back of the arm chair where it plummeted toward my hardwood floor at an alarming rate.

This all took about 3.6 nanoseconds to unfold, yet it seemed like I stood there for a week watching it fall, unable to do a flipping thing about it.

Once it had completed it's journey, I bent over and gingerly picked it up, silently praying that it was okay because this was a really expensive lens and my life would be on the line if it wasn't.

I won't try to describe the damage. I'll let a photo illustrate the damage:

When one has just dropped a pricey piece of equipment and thus does not have the ability to use their camera, they turn to one that is still working. In that moment it was my iPhone and Instagram.

I honestly thought for a minute that I could fix this. That passed quickly when I realized monkeys are smarter than me, so I had to muster up the courage to let my husband know that this had happened. I also planned to dye my hair black and go to Mexico.

I worried for naught...he was sweet, he said accidents happen and we'd send it in to have it fixed. I married a saint people. A SAINT.

I just got my lens back today and I am happy to report that it works extremely well.

So learn from my mistake children. Although camera lenses are round, they don't bounce. And they will break if dropped. They're kind of fickle like that.


  1. Ok, first, losing track of time might mean we are Time Lords? I'd been holding out on companion dreams, but now it seems I'm more likely to get my own TARDIS.

    Second, I had that exact same thing happen with a laptop; ditto the "it takes a year to hit the ground, but I am frozen in place" feeling. Except my husband saw it all, so there was not even the chance at witness protection. He was surprisingly good about it, and we had the cracked screen replaced in about a week.

    Glad to hear the lense could be fixed.

    1. Being a companion would be cool, but I think I'd rather have my own TARDIS. ;)

  2. That slow motion fall seems to happen whenever I drop glass. Then it shatters into a million pieces and 6 tiny shards will end up inbedded in my skin. Being time lord would be awesome. I want to regenerate.

    1. That's exactly it! And regenerating would be cool.